[linux-lvm] Using Oracle with lvm AND rawio: read(512) from

Michael Tokarev mjt at tls.msk.ru
Mon Dec 4 14:45:05 UTC 2000

"Michael Ju. Tokarev" wrote:
> Hm.  The same definitions are in 2.4-pre kernel patch...
> So 2.4 lvm should also *not* work for 512-byte i/o size.
> But Jorg de Jong claims that he successefully created
> tablespace on raw dev with 2.4-pre11 kernel... I'm
> confused...  And for S390 -- is smallest i/o size 4K ?!

Changed BLOCK_SIZE to 512 (from 1024) and recompiled.
Lvm won't work anymore at all, any i/o (read/write) on
any lv gives "no such device or address" error...

Any ideas? :(((


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