[linux-lvm] Linux 2.4.0-test12-pre7 LVM .9 vs .8final

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Mon Dec 11 14:32:58 UTC 2000

On Mon, Dec 11, 2000 at 07:44:32AM +0100, Ulf Bartelt wrote:
> Ricardo Muggli wrote:
> > 
> > I have noticed that Linux 2.4.0-test12-pre7 still comes with .8final. Is
> > there a plan to have .9 incorporated at some future time into the stock
> > 2.4 kernels? Will this happen before 2.4 comes out?
> > 
> > Also is there a transition path between .8final and .9? (short of save
> > everything to tape and restore?)
> I was wondering ´bout the same question yesterday...
> A set of lvm tools for multiple versions of the io protocol could help a
> lot...
> Sure this can be faked using links, wrappers etc...

I dunno if this is what you guys are asking for or not, but...as I've been
testing LVM-0.8.1. and LVM-0.9, I've used the same VG and LV.  For the
transition, all I need to do is do a 'vgchange -ay' to reactivate the volume
group using the other version of LVM.  I haven't done anything too complicated
with this, but for my very basic testing, this has worked fine.  So basically
the transition path (If I am correct) between 0.8final and 0.9 is:

1) patch a kernel with the 0.9 patches
2) compile lvm-0.9
3) install the new kernel and lvm-0.9
4) run lilo
5) reboot

Of course, if you are using LVM as your root filesystem, this is a bit
trickier I guess...you probably have to make a lvm-0.9 bootdisk and use that
to activate the VG...

I am definitely not an expert on this though, so take it with a grain of

Can anyone else comment on this?

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