[linux-lvm] LVM and inactive snapshots.

Michael Marxmeier mike at marxmeier.com
Thu Dec 14 14:14:57 UTC 2000

> Given the above I'm curious as to how others view this behaviour.  I'm
> thinking along the lines of:  If the snapshot goes inactive and it's
> portrayal of the filesystem is no longer valid it should go away. Go away
> meaning, if an inactive snapshot volume is currently mounted possibly we
> should forcefully unmount it as well as cleaning up it's device node
> entries and removing it as a block device.
> Does that seem proper?

No. The kernel should not unmount because this may cause
confusion and possibly corruption of user mode information
(eg. /etc/mtab).

If a snapshot is dead the kernel could simply return an error
(EIO?) for any access to the snapshot (which no longer exists).
So the bahaviour would be well defined.


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