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This from the debian devel list.  Is this a known issue with LVM 0.8.1?  I
haven't heard mention of it before.

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On 2000-12-13 17:01, lewis at sistina.com wrote:
>> OK.  I'll create a new package named lvm24 which conflicts with lvm and
>> provides lvm.
>Umm...AFAIK, joe is still working on an LVM 0.9 package.
>BTW, What is this lvm24 you are talking about?  Have you seen that LVM 0.8.1
>and 0.9 are out now?

Naming the packages after the protocol would be a good idea if the protocol 
numbers were known.  With raidtools/raidtools2 there is little confusion.  
Naming a package lvm6 would not make things easier (even I am not sure yet 
which version is which!).

I have packages of 0.8.1 and 0.9 under development.  0.9 seems to be for a 
newer version of lvm than is in the 2.4.0-test10 kernel.

0.8.1 doesn't work correctly, it does not automatically update /etc/lvmtab.d 
or create backups of the configuration which seems to be necessary.  I am 
still playing with it.
Also lvm doesn't seem to be designed to work with devfs, I use devfs 
exclusively so I'll try and get it going for devfs and for old style /dev.

Any input from other Debian or offers to test this would be appreciated.

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