[linux-lvm] Fwd: [md at Linux.IT: LVM tools broken on PPC (and many other archs)]

Claudio Matsuoka claudio at conectiva.com
Sun Dec 17 11:01:04 UTC 2000

On Sun, 17 Dec 2000, Russell Coker wrote:

> This is a general LVM driver issue, and therefore something that's more 
> appropriate for the main LVM developers to deal with, as don't have access to 
> non-Intel hardware and I don't have the knowledge of LVM driver internals 
> that these people have it doesn't make sense for me to try and deal with this.

I have access to a PPC box (an iMac DV running Debian), so I can test the
changes eventually done to the code. I can't promise a fix myself since
I'm no PPC expert, and no LVM expert either.

> Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 18:07:27 +0100
> From: Marco d'Itri <md at Linux.IT>
> pv_get_size() tries parsing the MBR, but that fails on PPC because of
> the different endianess from what the function expects.
> From the changelog I see Andrea Arcangeli contributed a very crude
> workaround for the alpha platform, which has the same endianess of i386
> but (I suppose) a different disk label format.
> The same "fix" works for PPC too (and sparc, and so on), so I think the
> #ifndef __alpha__ at the beginning of lib/pv_get_size.c should really be
> #ifdef __i386__ until some better code is written (FYI, you can find
> byte swapping code within fdisk).
> The fix needs to be fixed too, because other code will expect something
> in the buffer pointed by the second argument. I just added that at the
> end of the function:
>         if (dummy)
>                 memset(dummy, 0, sizeof (struct partition));
> With this fix, everything seems to work fine.

I'll have a look.

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