[linux-lvm] Debian packaging

Russell Coker bofh at coker.com.au
Wed Dec 20 21:53:29 UTC 2000

> > Think PATH - this is really easy, and shells already support it.  No more
> > work to be done, and it's not ugly.  The IOP version will probably never
> > change within a boot (unless LVM is a module and it gets upgraded without
> > upgrading the kernel - unlikely).
> Shouldnt the debian alternatives mechanism (see "man 8
> update-alternatives") be most appropriate for this task?

Update-alternatives doesn't work when the file-system in question is mounted 
read-only.  Also it's not really designed to be run at every boot.

PATH is a bad idea IMHO.  It is set in too many places and has too many 
possibilities to be stuffed up.

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