[linux-lvm] 0.8 to 0.9 problems, odd vg corruption

Jesse Sipprell jss at evcom.net
Wed Dec 27 21:59:05 UTC 2000

I've been in the process of upgrading four LVM 0.8final boxes to 0.9.  The
first three went off without a hitch: compile kernel with 0.9 patches, install
user tools and reboot.

The fourth one didn't go as smoothly:

After installing the new kernel, user-land tools and rebooting, vgscan is no
longer able to see the volume group (only one used on the box).

Rebooted back into 0.8, vgscan still doesn't work but I AM able to
vgcfgrestore the previous volume group config onto the physical volumes.

Reboot into 0.9.  vgscan sees the volume group and vgdisplay seems fine, but
when I try to run vgcfgbackup, it reports 'ERROR: volume group "vg04" has an
invalid number of physical volumes'  There are four physical volumes in the
group and vgdisplay -D vg04 looks perfectly normal.  I am also able to mount
the lvs and all filesystems appear good.  Next, I vgchange bounce the vg down
and then up and suddenly I am back to square one; vgscan no longer sees vg04
and my only recourse is to reboot to a 0.8 kernel and vgcfgrestore an old

Now I am stuck. ;)  I can vgcfgrestore from 0.8 and see it ONCE under 0.9, but
as soon as I vgchange -a it up and then down, the same "corruption" seems to
occur.  At no point can I seem to vgcfgbackup under 0.9, although 0.8 works

Anyone have any suggestions?

Best Regards,

Jesse Sipprell
Technical Operations Director
Evolution Communications, Inc.

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