[linux-lvm] Patch 0.8i to 2.3.40: error during make

Michael Marxmeier mike at msede.com
Thu Feb 3 12:34:06 UTC 2000

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Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2000 23:28:13 -0500 (EST)
From: Jim Cain <me at jimcain.net>
Subject: Re: [linux-lvm] Patch 0.8i to 2.3.40: error during make

Okay, I got the kernel to compile. Please ignore my previous message
not having the appropriate declarations. I was in the wrong linux
tree on the wrong machine. :-)

Anyway, I still had to make the changes that were previously noted:

> - edit ./include/linux/fs.h
> - locate line 775
> - add the following two lines:
> extern int blkdev_close(struct inode *, struct file *);
> extern int block_fsync(struct file *, struct dentry *);

Well, that's *nearly* all. You need to remove the "static" keywords
both blkdev_close and block_fsync in ./fs/block_dev.c, too.

Once I was in the correct source tree, these changes were reasonable,
they allowed the kernel to compile.

However, I had problems getting the tools to build, and I'll be
a separate message with details.

Thanks very much for the help!


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