[linux-lvm] Configuring boot partition with LVM

Fabian.Herschel at suse.de Fabian.Herschel at suse.de
Mon Feb 7 16:45:43 UTC 2000


On Mon, Feb 07, 2000 at 05:37:50PM +0100, Jos Visser wrote:
> >  Lilo
> > should also learn how to boot a kernel fom a striped volume...
> Hi,
> I don't think you fully appreciate the request you're making here.

The question (not my answer!!) was why is it complicate to boot fom a
lv. Ans i anserwed that lilo cant do that at this point of time!
I also pointed to an advanced problem (the striping) so it should
be clear thats not only a thing of a "simple" patch in lilo. 

My itention was to show WHY theere are a lot of problems for getting
linux to boot from "any" lv.

> Commercial Unices such as HP-UX and Solaris can not boot from striped
> volumes for about the same reasons why it would be difficult to have
> LILO read from a striped volume: the implications are just too
> horrendous to comtemplate.
> Typically I don't care that my boot partition/lv can not be striped. The

Me to. A small /boot does not need to be striped. In the near time it
also need to be lv controlled...

> I/O rates into that volume are just not high enough to need striping.
> Why not put our efforts to something else which is more important right
> now.?

Yes, but we should also explain (or show) restrictions to our collegs on 
this list! 


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