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Peter.Wuestefeld at resnova.de Peter.Wuestefeld at resnova.de
Wed Feb 9 12:40:13 UTC 2000

>> >  Lilo
>> > should also learn how to boot a kernel fom a striped volume...
>> I don't think you fully appreciate the request you're making here.
>> Commercial Unices such as HP-UX and Solaris can not boot from striped
>> volumes for about the same reasons why it would be difficult to have
>> LILO read from a striped volume: the implications are just too
>> horrendous to comtemplate.

>At least the IBM people with the AIX LVM are able to make that work.
>only thing that they were not able for a long time is to make system
>dumps work in such a configuration. But I believe that even that works
>under AIX 4.3.x now.

Jens-Uwe Mager           <pgp-mailto:62CFDB25>

True. And the latter works really well on standalone systems and in an SP.




At LinuxWorld today, IBM announced the contribution of technology
and talent to help make Linux a high-performance operating system
in e-business environments.

Part of a line up of new IBM initiatives, the open-source contribution
is designed to accelerate development of a journaling file system for
Linux capable of protecting the integrity of corporate data during power
outages and other system failures.
This capability is particularly important in e-business environments,
where Web sites can receive millions of hits a day and Web application
servers are caching massive amounts of data.

IBM will assign a dedicated team of software engineers to work with the
open source community in developing an enterprise-level journaling file
system for Linux.  Journaling enhances a file system's ability to track
transactions and log operations, and can retrieve file data quickly and
intact if a system fails or gets shut down prematurely.

IBM's journaled file system technology, currently used in IBM enterprise
servers,is designed for high-throughput server environments, key to 
intranet and other high-performance e-business file servers.
The source code is now available for download from the Open Source and
Linux zones in the IBM developerWorks* website (http://www.ibm.com/developerworks).

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