[linux-lvm] Recovering a PV VGDA

James Pattinson jamesp at subdimension.com
Thu Feb 10 15:13:16 UTC 2000

Hi -

I had problems last night with one of my 4 disks in my VG. I was trying
different things and somehow I managed to corrupt the VGDA on on the
disks. This caused vgscan to fail with an error -154. I'm sorry but I
forgot the actual text :)

I booted into a resuce disk I had with all the LVM tools on it, and I was
able to run lvmdiscscan etc to see what was going on. I found i was caught
in a catch 22 situation as I couldn't run vgcfgrestore because it wanted
me to run vgscan first. I eventually had to restore /etc/lvm* from DAT and
then I could make vgcfgrestore restore my VGDA to all the disks (as I
didn't really know which disk was failling!)

So, what is the best way of doing this kind of work? and also, how would I
tell what disk is preventing vgscan from working? I tried 'strace'ing it
but that wasn't very helpful. And of course most of the other vg/pv/lv
commands were useless as they all wanted me to run vgscan... :)



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