[linux-lvm] Error: 241 with udma patch..

Shawn Ferris Shawn.Ferris at twtelecom.com
Mon Feb 21 15:15:06 UTC 2000

My kernel is 2.2.14 (devfs+lvm+reiserfs+udma)

Everything seems to work fine.. I also just purchased a nice 20gb udma hd.
Seems logical to run LVM on it. (I run it on some scsi drives already, so I
know it works)

Anyway, I run vgcreate on a giant 20gb part on the disk and I got Error:
241.. (Fogive me, I forgot to write down the text of the message, but
something about not being able to determine the size of the partition)

Before I start to look further into this, is there any known limitations
with the udma patch? I tried creating smaller partitions to no avail.

I have an ABit mother board if it's of any concern..

Any help will be greatly appreciated..

Shawn M Ferris
Oracle DBA - Time Warner Telecom 

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