[linux-lvm] Re: *** ANNOUNCEMENT *** LVM 0.8final driver included in 2.3.47 (fwd)

Peter.Wuestefeld at resnova.de Peter.Wuestefeld at resnova.de
Fri Feb 25 09:44:03 UTC 2000

Hi all,

since I've done already a lot of course material for LVM (although on AIX)
I would suspect that I'm able to do that for LVM on Linux as well.

If there isn't already someone doing that I would like to start a
"Beginners Guide to LVM". Any ideas on the form? Like "use SGML/XML since
all of the LDP uses that"?
Anybody out there who wants to help me?

BTW: I haven't seen a time frame in that posting. Is there one or will I
have to set it on my own?

Mit freundlichem Gruss/Best Regards

Peter Wuestefeld

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I'm glad that LVM finally made it into the main standard Linux

However, the docs have a big problem - they look like they're for
who have long experience with LVM.

I would suggest to you to re-write the howto so that less familiar
with LVM knowledge know what to do, how to do, what is LVM (maybe some
links to other sites who can explain in details the LVM idea?)

With the current status - a pretty new Linux Sys. admin with those
won't find his arms and legs :)

Nevertheless - excellent work! keep up the good work pal :)


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