[linux-lvm] howto

Mats Wichmann mats at laplaza.org
Fri Feb 25 14:45:31 UTC 2000

At 01:54 PM 02/25/2000 +0100, Lars Segerlund wrote:
> If no one else volunteers I can do it, I lived in the US for almost a year,
> however my german is a bit shaky to say the least !
> If I only have to do the text translation that would be ok, however I dont 
> to have to mess with typesetting and such.

I believe I can offer some time to help.

Maybe Lars can translate to Swedish (I'm guessing languages from the name,
which might be a bad idea) and I can take that to English! (I can manage the
German, too, if needed.  Isn't it nice that this isn't true any more:
"Noch nicht im Std-Kernel").

>From a glance through I'd say this does need a _bit_ of beefing up, it's
quite minimal for a true beginner, but certainly a good starting point.

Mats Wichmann
(New Mexico, USA)

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