LVM Admin HOWTO (was Re: [linux-lvm] Re: *** ANNOUNCEMENT ***LVM 0.8final driver included in 2.3.47(fwd))

Jos Visser josv at
Fri Feb 25 21:10:23 UTC 2000

Franken Klaus wrote:
> Hi,
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> > LVM 0.8final driver included in 2.3.47(fwd))
> >
> > P.S. I just read Klaus's reply. I hereby concretly offer to
> > take over the German Howto as a maintainer.
> Very good!
> But someone should translate it to english.
> My english is too bad and I don't have enough time for a second howto...
> It would be really bad if we don't have an english version, because than someone
> else will write a second documentation - it's a waste of time.
> Any volunteers?
> Klaus.Franken at    +49 911 978 3707
> Siemens Business Services IP 21F


I offered Heinz some time ago to develop a complete HOWTO on LVM (in
English). Unfortunately, since then, a lot of stuff happened that
effectively blocked me from pursuing this. I am however still interested
in the task, a group effort would be a marvellous idea.


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