[linux-lvm] 2.2.12 LVM 0.8 patch for Red Hat?

Chris Anderson chris at alwan.com
Sat Feb 26 05:58:06 UTC 2000

I started to use raid 1 under redhat and now I have a system that needs
LVM too.  The problem is it is a pain to get the raid working from red
hat with the 2.2.14 kernel.  So I am back to the 2.2.12 kernal but I do
not see any patch for 0.8i.  I tried to new patches and old patches but
it was a mess.  Any help?

Anyone have Red Hat 2.2.12 running lvm 0.8?  If so can I get your Patch
for the kernal?  I did look through the archive and a person did ask for
the patch for 2.2.12 but no one answered.

Thanks you,

   Chris Anderson
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