[linux-lvm] Preserving LVs

Heinz Mauelshagen mauelsha at ez-darmstadt.telekom.de
Sat Jan 1 18:13:12 UTC 2000

Hapy new year Holger.

> Hi!
> How can I preserve existing LVs (such as the ones used for the
> "/usr/local" and "/home" fs) over new installations?

If you don't touch the disks/partitions where the physical volumes forming
the volume group containing your logical volumes reside, just do
a vgscan after upgrading/reinstalling Linux (including LVM).

It just searches the disks to find all physical volumes, rebuilds the working
VGDA (Volume Group Descriptor Area) file in /etc/lvmtab.d/ and reinserts
the voulume grouo name in /etc/lvmtab.
"vgchange -ay" afterwards activates the VG(s) to
access the "/usr/local" etc. LVs.

> Sure, the kernel
> resides in "/boot", so I can keep that as well, but all the user mode
> tools are gone.
> >From time to time it's just necessary to do a complete installation from
> scratch to keep track with the latest Linux distributions (the "update"
> function doesn't always work), and I don't want to run into problems
> later. That's why I'm asking this question here.

Hope the above information covers what you are searching for 8*)




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