[linux-lvm] Reliability

Jan Niehusmann jan at gondor.com
Thu Jun 8 10:11:20 UTC 2000

On Thu, Jun 08, 2000 at 02:31:19AM +0000, Michael Marxmeier wrote:
> As far as i can see Quorum support looks like the saner option:
> If you loose a disk and only restore the partition table and VGDA
> the replacement disk still mostly contains garbage (eg. not a fs).

That, and it may be usefull to be able to say: I know something is
wrong, but I need some files _now_, so please give me everything 
you have and don't wait until I mounted and initialized a new drive.

Perhaps damaged VGs should be read only, at least by default, to prevent
further damage. 

I was really worried when LVM didn't start with a corrupted partition
table: The PV on that disk was actually empty (perhaps a LV on it,
but no data) as I only added it to try out ext2 resizing without risking
the other partitons.


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