[linux-lvm] vgscan fails to find vg

zoo1 at corecomm.net zoo1 at corecomm.net
Mon Jun 12 23:08:24 UTC 2000

i'm trying to convert my old mandrake 6.0 system to lvm, using a
2.4.0test kernel, lvm-0.8final and devfs, and i'm having a hard time
getting my rc scripts to work. on bootup, vgscan fails to find the vg
for no reason i can think of.

i'm working around this with the kludge of vgexport on shutdown and
vgimport on bootup, which works, but just doesn't seem right. i've got a
32KB debug output file of vgscan failing; what would be the best way of
submitting it to whom?

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