[linux-lvm] IBM to release LVM Technology to the Linux Community

benr at us.ibm.com benr at us.ibm.com
Wed Jun 14 21:18:26 UTC 2000


Since IBM has begun to publicly support Linux, many of our customers have
started showing an interest in Linux.  We have received many requests from
our customers asking us to enhance certain areas of Linux (logical volume
management in particular) in order to make Linux a more acceptable platform
for their IT operations.  Furthermore, we have been asked to provide a
migration path from existing platforms (both IBM and non-IBM) to Linux.
IBM has been moving to satisfy these requests by contributing developers
and technology to the Linux Community.  This is what drove IBM's decision
to release JFS to the Linux Community, and it  is driving the decision to
release logical volume management technology to the Linux Community.

IBM is releasing one of its most advanced architectures for a Logical
Volume Management System.  This architecture is quite interesting as it
completely integrates all disk and volume management into a single, highly
extensible, easy to use entity.  We hope that the release of this
technology will lead to a world class logical volume management system for
Linux, one which satisfies the requirements of our customers as well as
those of the Linux Community.

The first of several white papers describing the LVMS architecture can be
found at the IBM Linux Technology Center website:


Since we would like to have an honest, open discussion about this, I would
suggest that all interested parties post their comments to the LVM mailing
list (unless someone has a better suggestion!).  All comments are welcome!


Ben Rafanello
IBM Linux Technology Center

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