[linux-lvm] *** LVM patch for kernel 2.2.16 is avaible !! ***

Andreas Rey Andreas.Rey at sth.steuer.ofd.niedersachsen.de
Fri Jun 23 05:39:06 UTC 2000

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> On Thu, Jun 22, 2000 at 02:11:04PM +0200, Andreas Rey wrote:
> >
> > Hello guys :-)
> >
> > I write a LVM patch for linuxkernel 2.2.16 ! I send it to Heinz.
> > It's a agreement with Heinz that we should test it.
> Why don't you simply use andera's code (ftp.*.kernel.org/pub/linux/
> kernel/people/andrea/kernels/v2.2/2.2.17pre4aa1/
> 14_bigmem-rawio-lvm-2.2.15pre13aa1-6.gz) ?

I want made a patch from last stable version by Heinz. The code from andrea
is really unstable and a "pre-release".
If you you are look into tho code (Do you do that ?) you see that's are
snapshots for SuSE (only SuSE) or new code.
I think we should use only stable code for a stable kernel. Yes of course I
can use this code but then I have a new version and not a patch. A patch is
only stable a code who  I desgin for the last stable kernel. Heinz ask me if
i want write allso a version with new code from andrea. That's looks
interesting :-) Write patches are my hobby not my work. Well, if i have time
I want to write a new version and then a new patch.

Daniel Mehrmann
e-mail: daniel at mehrmann.ping-net.de

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