[linux-lvm] Re: IBM to release LVM Technology to the Linux

Jens Benecke jens at pinguin.conetix.de
Fri Jun 23 15:20:14 UTC 2000

On Fri, Jun 23, 2000 at 07:52:00AM -0500, hpuxadm at choice.net wrote:

> After seeing a few comments left by various users on this subject, I
> would like to throw in my two cents that from an "admin" perspective,
> this type of effort from a major vendor can only be a good thing.


> However, just like anyone else who has watched the "major"
> vendors(Compaq, HP, IBM) embrace Microsoft in the early 1990's, I begin
> to wonder what the goal is with this project.  Is IBM's implementation of
> LVM going to remain free(gasp!), or is the goal to start beta testing on

Apparently. The white paper said something to the extent that "if any code
is released, it will be under the GPL". That looks as though they don't
want to keep themselves any loopholes open, like Sun's "you can do anything
with our code, except touch it" SCS licence (SCSL).

> Linux now only to offer LVM at a premium price later?  LVM solutions that
> are offered by IBM, SUN, and HP are all excellent!  However, you pay for

If they are compatible :)

> ready" status.  I guess what I am more or less asking is, am I wasting my
> time following IBM's implementation of LVM due to the fact that once it
> does leave the development stage I will end up paying thousands of
> dollars per seat for it?

You might, if you want to receive any level for support & services. I
guess, what IBM is aiming at is that they will offer a Linux migration path
for their customers with their LVM. The source will be freely available, so
they will participate in the giant open source mindshare and their
knowledge will be applied elsewhere, but I for one would hesitate to trust
my company's precious data to a volume manager I compiled and patched
together myself - what if I used a wrong compiler (switch), or whatever?

Of course, this opens the door for third party support people who patch
their own LVM and offer support (and that is a Good Thing(tm)). IBM will
have to compete with them (i.e.  offer competetive prices for one thing) so
you cannot really be held hostage by anyone's support department.

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