[linux-lvm] Re: IBM to release LVM Technology to the Linux

Martin K. Petersen mkp at linuxcare.com
Fri Jun 23 20:55:44 UTC 2000

>>>>> "Ben" == benr <benr at us.ibm.com> writes:

[Musings deleted]

Ben> This is exactly what you would have under the LVMS described in
Ben> the white paper.  Your example shows nothing which could not be
Ben> done through the LVMS architecture with partitions.  Am I missing
Ben> something here?

I am advocating:

1. Using existing partitioning schemes to encapsulate logical disks.

   This is only relevant in the migration case and if people want to
   test LVMS on a few disks that are already partitioned.  If your
   system has hundreds of disks connected, you'll use a 1:1 physical
   to logical disk mapping anyway.

2. Avoid using existing partitioning schemes to encapsulate logical

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