[linux-lvm] Re: IBM to release LVM Technology to the Linux

Dale Kemp dale at inet.net.nz
Sun Jun 25 01:25:29 UTC 2000

> > Not only this, but SGI are looking at releasing their volume management
> > system as well. Now does the user really want three (or more) logical
> > volume management systems, all with different toolsets and kernel
> > modules? .....
> June 30 throws VERITAS Volume Manager into the mix as well . . . I'm scheduled to receive beta code for
> Redhat/Debian . . .
> Ryan

Ok, now we have four volume managers. By the looks of it VERITAS also has its own
filesystem and RAID code, and utilities. Question is what level of mixing is allowed?
Will this be open source / (L)GPL code ?

-- Dale.

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