[linux-lvm] ReiserFS/XFS/JFS, LVM, Raid5

Brian Kress kressb at icp.siemens.com
Mon Jun 26 15:01:46 UTC 2000

I have almost exactly this system.  ( I don't have the
raid0 boot partition)  Works great.

Jean-Eric Cuendet wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to build such a system:
> - Kernel + root on non-LVM Raid0/ext2 partition (no problemo)

	This gets a little tricky.  You need both disks BIOS
addressable (preferably hda and hdb or sda and sdb).  You also
need a LILO that speaks Raid0.  I think RH6.2 comes with one.

> A big partition (100Gb) which lokks like:
> - Raid5 (linux md)
> - LVM
> - filesystem
> It's a classic schema, but my question is:
> Does anyone already tried it?

	/dev/md0 is a raid5 of /dev/hdb, /dev/hde, /dev/hdg, and 
/dev/hdl.  /dev/md0 is a PV for a VG that has 7 LVs in it.  I 
even have root in LVM.  (this requires MD autodetect and 
an initrd for LVM) 

> Any success? failure? Drawback?
> Does XFS + LVM or JFS + LVM or ReiserFS + LVM be stable enough for
> production?

	Currently you cannot put journaled filesystems on a software 
raid I believe, because they use the buffer cache in incompatible 
ways.  If I am wrong, someone correct me.  Ext2 (what I use) works
	Raid 0.90 and LVM are both quite stable for production use.

> Do they all have resize tools?

	Ext2 has one I think.  I don't generally resize LVs.

	If you'd like any help setting this up, let me know.

Brian Kress
kressb at icp.siemens.com

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