[linux-lvm] ReiserFS/XFS/JFS, LVM, Raid5

Jean-Eric Cuendet Jean-Eric.Cuendet at linkvest.com
Wed Jun 28 09:21:30 UTC 2000

> > 	Currently you cannot put journaled filesystems on a software 
> > raid I believe, because they use the buffer cache in incompatible 
> > ways.  If I am wrong, someone correct me.  Ext2 (what I use) works
> > fine. 
> I'm using etx3 on top of 20GB raid0 for over an year with no 
> problem...

In fact, if you have ext3 and a crash, in the worst case, journal will be
out of sync (In the case of writes were not like the filesystems thought due
to LVM)
Then you'll have a 15 minutes fsck (like if it was ext2).
In the best case, journal is OK, and you have a 3 seconds fsck which is



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