[linux-lvm] compiling lvm into 2.3.49 Q.

bug1 bug1 at netconnect.com.au
Tue Mar 7 00:55:26 UTC 2000

Heinz Mauelshagen wrote:
> The problem is that necessary parts of the LVM stock kernel patch
> didn't make it in and that i was to busy to get back to Linus
> about that.
> Have send him another patch vs. 2.3.49 which will hopefully show
> up soon...
> Till then you can add the full LVM patch from linux.msede.com on your own.
> Sorry about the inconvenience.
> Heinz

No worries, thanks for the pointers, i look forward to meddling with lvm
and raid and seeing what trouble i can get into.

It will be great if two can get along and provide both the flexibility
of managment which is what i see as the main benefit of LVM and
configurable performance/redundancy of software raid.

Thanks for your help.

Glenn McGrath

P.S. Ill try and come up with more challenging questions next time :-)

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