[linux-lvm] [EN-Howto] Status (was Re:[DE-Howto] Version 0.3 available)

Richard Heider jr richard at heider.de
Tue Mar 7 21:31:23 UTC 2000


Peter Wuestefeld is partially offline due to a server crash, so he asked
me to inform you about the status of the English Howto:

He said he made quite some progress on the Howto. He hopes to be able to
publish the first release shortly after the next weekend. Some
paragraphs of the German Howto should already be assimilated then.


P.S. Sorry for the long mail last time - I didn't realize the text was
so long already. Next time it will be just the link ;-)

Richard Heider jr wrote:
> anbei mein erster Entwurf des neuen DE-Howtos im Textformat. Die anderen
> Formate sind hier:
> http://litefaden.com/lite00/lvm/lvm-howto-de.html
> http://litefaden.com/lite00/lvm/lvm-howto-de.lyx
> http://litefaden.com/lite00/lvm/lvm-howto-de.sgml
> http://litefaden.com/lite00/lvm/lvm-howto-de.txt

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