[linux-lvm] Snapshot documentation

Jay Weber jay at lazy.accessus.net
Tue Mar 7 23:46:18 UTC 2000


Been playing with snapshots and am noticing I can create a snapshot with
less PE's than my source LV that I'm snapshotting, with the small side
effect of:

lvcreate -- WARNING: all snapshots will be disabled if more than 12 MB are

Is the above message implying that if I change more than 12MB of data on
my source LV that the snapshot is then defunct/useless?  Does that include
deletes, etc?

Mainly a pointer to any information or documentation regarding how this
all works would be well appreciated.  I'm noticing LVM has some HP history
involved, so I'll go see if they have relevant data in their HPUX docs.

Maybe this is included in the recent EN-HOWTO I noticed mention of as

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