[linux-lvm] building the binary utilities

Klaus Strebel stb at ep-ag.com
Wed Mar 8 11:00:20 UTC 2000

Chris Campbell wrote:
> kernel location is what it should be, but I still get
> all these errors.  I'm not sure what's going on, other
> than it can't find the lvm and liblvm header files,
> which are in a directory below the current one:
Hi Chris,

the variable TOP in your '/root/lvmstuff/LVM/0.8final/make.tmpl' is set
to '/root/LVM/0.8final', as you could see in following snipped from your
make-errors file:

cc -c -pipe -Wall -O2 -DDEBUG -I/root/LVM/0.8final/tools/lib
l/tools -o basename.o basename.c
cc -c -pipe -Wall -O2 -DDEBUG -I/root/LVM/0.8final/tools/lib
l/tools -o debug.o debug.c
basename.c:34: liblvm.h: No such file or directory

the -I options in the gcc line are expanded from '-I$(TOP)/tools/lib
-I$(TOP)'. You should control your changes in config files at first when
your're searching for errors before you start symlinking around ;-).


Klaus Strebel
stb at ep-ag.com
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