[linux-lvm] 12 disks -- new problems ....

Bruce Hewitson hewitson at egs.uct.ac.za
Thu Mar 9 19:35:28 UTC 2000

Many thanks for the pointers to the major numbers -- I have modified
MAKEDEV and created/fdisk'ed the devices, and can make ext2 partitions all
the way to hdp.

However, I wonder if anybody else has used 12 disks -- now I find that
while I can make ext2 partitions up to /dev/hdp, neither pvcreate nor
hdparm will see anything beyond /dev/hdl, ie - I can't get lvm to
work with /dev/hd[m-p].

Is there a hard coded limit in both lvm and perhaps hdparm? 

Any help much appreciated

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