[linux-lvm] LVM - Grundlagen

Markus Schreier ms at ordix.de
Wed Mar 15 10:00:47 UTC 2000

Hello LVM-Gurus,
i'm new to lvm and to this list. I looked through the faq but couldent
find the answer there.

I'd like to use lvm in a productive enviroment. (so i would need a 2.2.x
- Kernel)
I could not find the combination of lvm-version and kernel which works
satisfying, so  i would need your help.

Following some questions: 
Which is the preferd lvm-version to use?
Which kernel should be used along with that?

are there any patches recomended?

Is there any draw-backs in this combination or anything to know about?

I tried arround with kernel 2.2.13. and lvm0.8pre. Using the
lvm-commands produced coredumps in a great number.

Thanks for your suggestions


Markus Schreier

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