[linux-lvm] RaidZone RAID hardware.

Andreas Dilger adilger at home.com
Wed Mar 22 17:22:47 UTC 2000

Jason writes:
> P.S. [offtopic] Anyone know where the ext3 patches are, and whether any of
> the various ext2 resizers (including the one that works when mounted) will
> work with the ext3 journal in place?  And that ext3 works with LVM, of
> course.

While I've looked at ext3, I haven't looked at ext3+online resize.  However,
I don't think that there would be a problem with using ext2resize on an
unmounted ext3 filesystem, since the ext3 filesystem is on-disk identical
to ext2 format filesystems.  When ext3 is unmounted, the only difference
between it and ext2 is the journal file (just a regular file), and a bit
in the superblock that says there is a journal.  It may be that ext2resize
will complain about the unknown journal flag, but it may just work anyways.

I think when there is 2.3 ext3 journal code, I will look at making ext2online
work with it.  Right now, I'm trying to fix a few bugs and get it into the
2.3.99 kernel if possible.

Cheers, Andreas
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