[linux-lvm] SuSE/LVM boot problem

Michael Loftis zop12 at mindless.com
Thu May 4 05:21:32 UTC 2000

On Wed, 3 May 2000 dgould at suse.com wrote:

> I agree with the statment "I don't think many sysadmins will have a
> problem", however this does not address the typical desktop or home user.
> They basically do not have a sysadmin, so mechanisms that rely on a savy
> sysadmin avoiding disaster (ie, won't boot) are not suitable for a large
> population of potential users. These are the same people who don't know
> how to use fdisk safely, and who have no idea of how to lay out
> filesystems. That is, the people who could really appreciate being able
> to turn over all the storage to lvm so they can just add a disk and
> extend their filesystems onto it when they need more space without
> worrying about the details.

Which is something that eats me.  Why?  Because there is no reason for
people who have no idea what they are doing, or have no WANT to know what
they are doing, to be mucking around in Unix.  If we keep adding
"features" to make it "easier to use" eventually we'll have bloat and be
just like Windows.  It makes the software over-complicated and isn't

Just my $.0001 worth

> > Why do you say that?  You can resize it while it is mounted:
> > http://ext2resize.sourceforge.net/
> Cool.
> -dg
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