[linux-lvm] availability of 0.8.2, or, where to start?

Greck Cannon greck at unpunk.com
Wed Nov 29 21:13:26 UTC 2000

There have been a lot of patches to 0.9 flying around, and although
there are rawio patches for 2.2.17 in 0.8.1 there's no actual lvm patch,
and the 2.2.16 one bails pretty badly.

I've got several boxes I'm just now installing lvm on (to prove it works,
both to myself and others--there are a few real applications I'd like to
deploy it under) and having run into the same kernel oops with 0.9 that
Tomas did (and losing the volumes, which I'm attributing to my naivete),
I'm wondering what set of materials I should be starting with.


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