[linux-lvm] Exporting VG

Xavi Fustero xfustero at imim.es
Thu Nov 2 10:34:25 UTC 2000

I have 3 computers: N1, N2 and N3.
N1 has 3 disks  (vg1)
N2 has 1 disk   (vg2)
N3 has 1 disk   (vg3)
I built a Volume group on each machine, now what I would like to do is
to unify these volume groups under a new one volume group visible from
all the 3 machines  (new_vg=vg1 + vg2 + vg3). Is this possible ???
Let me know if anybody tried this.
Thanks in advance,
Xavi !

Xavi Fustero Benavent
Institut Municipal d'Investigacio Medica (IMIM)
Departament Genome Informatics
Tel.: +34-93-221 10 09    Ext: 2016

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