[linux-lvm] 2.2.17 Kernel patch + 0.8 user tools

Chewie chewie at wookimus.net
Sat Nov 11 17:59:43 UTC 2000

On Fri, Nov 10, 2000 at 11:18:22AM +0100, dirk.derycke at icos.be wrote:
> where can I find a 2.2.17 kernel patch (more specific a stock
> kernel) for LVM to use with the 0.8 user tools (I use the latest
> version from Andread Dilger) ???

Did you read the README file at his FTP site?  If you had, you would
know that you have at least two patches you need to apply.  You're
lucky that I'm writing up the LVM Cheat Sheet as we speak. ;-)  I had
to research this stuff.  OK, it's not that difficult to find this
info, but it's not available on the LVM site for all to read.  This is
what you must do:

    Download the following files and patch the stock 2.2.17 kernel in
    the order that you see them.

    1.  Ingo Molnar's RAID Patch

    2.  Stephen Tweedie's RAWIO Patch

    3.  Andreas Dilger's LVM Patch

I don't believe there's anything distribution specific to Andrea's
LVM kernel patch.  Download and compile the LVM tools from Andrea's
SRPM or tarball.  Tom Lees also has a Debian package of the slightly
older 0.8final tools.  You may want to download the source tarball
from Andreas, then apply the Debian patch to build the *.deb.  Note:
Tom's diff has all of the changes to use ext2resize (GPL) with the
e2fsadm tool instead of the resize2fs (commercial) tool.  Otherwise,
you have to edit these by hand.

> Andreas Dilger has a patch for Turbo Linux 2.2.16 but it doesn't apply
> nicely to a 2.2.17 stock kernel (lots of rejects)

Actually, I didn't get any rejects.  Since the patches are context
based, they do apply cleanly, if you do them in this order.  You will
see some messages about offsets, but that's it.

I'm compiling my test kernel as we speak, and I've got a full 9.1 GB
HD to play with. ;-)  In three hours, I'll have to make like I know
what I'm talking about, so I figured that I should successfully play
with the tools I'm supposed to be talking about (yeah, right).

Chad "^chewie, gunnarr" Walstrom <chewie at wookimus.net>
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