[linux-lvm] Removing a PV

Andrew Clausen clausen at gnu.org
Mon Nov 13 07:27:29 UTC 2000

Andreas Dilger wrote:
> Andrew Clausen writes:
> > ext2resize is basically unmaintained, separately from Parted.
> > (ext2resize and fsresize merged to make Parted, about 1.5 years ago)
> This is totally untrue.  I released a new version of ext2resize about
> a month ago.  I don't think parted has any sort of facility for doing
> online filesystem resizing, so I don't think that ext2resize will be
> gone any time soon.

Well, Lennert said this.  Are you maintaining Lennert's code?
Sorry if I got this wrong!

> > So, most people will want to use Parted instead of ext2resize.
> Cough..

Hehe, ok

Andrew Clausen

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