[linux-lvm] Any known problems with ReiserFS and LVM?

Heinz J. Mauelshagen Heinz.Mauelshagen at t-online.de
Mon Nov 20 14:03:46 UTC 2000

Hi Michael.

On Mon, Nov 20, 2000 at 05:01:13PM +0800, Michael Boman wrote:
> Is there any known problems with ReiserFS and LVM, or doesn't LVM care
> at all about what filesystem it's using? If so, will it work with RAW
> devices as well?

As Patrick Boutilier pointed out ReiserFS works fine with LVM.
Basically LVM is transparent to any Filesystem/Database System etc.

ReiserFS needs special support to work on LVM snapshots though.
Chris Mason and I created a VFS extensions which even allows ReiserFS
to be mounted on LVM snapshot logical volumes.
Hopefully this patch will make it into 2.4.0.
BTW: it will be included in LVM 0.9.
It is (not yet) available for 2.2 though.

Talking about RAW device support, Stephen Tweedies raw device patch 
allows you to bind a character device to _any_ block devices
(including LVM) to provide genuine Unix raw character device semantics.

2.4.0-textX contains it.

There's a raw device support patch for 2.2.17 available at

> Please advice
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