[linux-lvm] Intresting notes on LVM in 2.4.0-test9

Myers W. Carpenter myers at fil.org
Wed Oct 4 18:13:54 UTC 2000

	After playing around for a bit I have gotten lvm to work under
2.4.0-test9, using a Debian install that is mostly potato, but with a
few deb's (like libc6) from woody thrown in.

	The hard part was getting the userspace tools to work.    Heinz, 
*pretty please with sugar on top* put out a new version.  Crawling
through all those patches to figure out what would be the best
combination wasn't really all that fun.  To me it would be a lot easier
just to come out with a 0.8final2 and prevent this.

	I have a deb at http://maski.org/lvm/ if anyone else on debian needs a
newer set that the 0.8i version that is official.

	One weird thing:  /proc/lvm reports:

 Global: 61650 bytes malloced   IOP version: 6   2:24:42 active

	but in in the 0.8final source lvm.h has this:

#define LVM_DRIVER_IOP_VERSION          7

	Is that right?

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