[linux-lvm] lvdisplay disagrees with df for resized LV

Brian Poole raj at cerias.purdue.edu
Wed Oct 11 18:26:41 UTC 2000

> I have resized the file system to 90G successfully but, there always a
> but isn't there :-), df now reports a total of 88Gb.
> Out of interest is this due to rounding or reisfer/LVM housekeeping ?

Neither, this is actually a misperception of what a Gb really is. A Gb is
_not_ 1000Mb, despite what harddrive manufacturers will gladly tell you,
it is 1024Mb, and a Mb is really 1024Kb, and so on.

Taking a look at your particular case, 90,000 Mb divided by 1024 (not
1000, so it isn't 90) to get Gbs is 87.89G, which is indeed exactly what
you have, no?


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