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S. Michael Denton smdenton at bellsouth.net
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On Sunday, 15 October 2000 19:34, Paul Jakma [SMTP:paul at clubi.ie]
> On Wed, 11 Oct 2000, Andreas Dilger wrote:
> > I will see Heinz this week, so maybe I can convince him to make a
> > new release.  It may well be that he will debut 0.9 at the Miami
> > Storage Workshop, so the point may be moot.  If not, I'll do my
> > best.
> > 
> yes please. i've been advocating LVM at work for quite a while now,
> and it's getting to the stage where i will be allowed to move a
> live server over to it to test it out in production use.

If it hasn't already been mentioned, perhaps you could suggest to

The ability to do raid, specifically raid1, with LVM should be
included if linux LVM is to mimic the LVM used on HPUX; perhaps
merging linux md tools/drivers with lvm tools/drivers?
The ability to create > 256 items (lv's, vg's, etc), perhaps by using
multiple majors?
Storing lvm information for each group in entirety on each group's
pv's headers as such:
	vgtest members: /dev/hda /dev/hdb /dev/hdc
	vgtest lv's: testlv thislv thatlv
	vgtest lv pe boundaries: testlv ...
				thislv ...
				thatlv ...
	ad nauseum so that the kernel and the /etc files are not the only
authoritative sources of lvm structures (3 sources allows for a
Storing lvm native host information so that vgs could be
exported/imported from host to host in MI scsi configs
Deeper integration into the kernel such that / can be an lv without
an initrd (this may already exist?)
[Deeper] integration into bootloaders such as lilo, grub, etc so one
can boot from a secondary (ie mirror) boot device, potentially
	(ie primary boot device: /dev/vg00/root which is raid1 consisting of
/dev/hda and /dev/hdb... if /dev/hda becomes inaccessible, boot from
/dev/hdb half of /dev/vg00/root automatically)

Again, these things may already be in the TODO list, wish lists,
whatever... but in case someone hasn't thought of them, these are a
few ideas my colleagues and I have had regarding linux LVM.


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