[linux-lvm] installing / on lvm with suse 7

Henrik Andersson h.andersson at pcs-pfundner.at
Thu Oct 19 08:24:55 UTC 2000

Hi everybody!

I'm trying to install suse 7 and have the following circumstances:

- made different lvm groups, one of them is 'unix'
- seperated 'unix' in 3 parts
- 1 = root
- 2 = usr
- 3 = usr2

when i come to the point to specify the mountpoints and i'm putting
/ on 'root' then i get the message that putting / on an lvm
is not supported from suse but it should work. You just have
to make some trivial settings but i haven't found what
settings i have to do.

Does anybody know about those settings?


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