[linux-lvm] Is LVM dead ?

Michael Tokarev mjt at tls.msk.ru
Fri Oct 20 21:08:44 UTC 2000

I see very strange situation with lvm now.
And it is really strange for me.

Ok, I signed petition, there are far too many efforts to include
lvm into kernel.  And it was included.  And that was the last news
item at lvm website!  There are too many bugs in lvmtools, many of
them already found/reported.  There are far too many headaches to
build lvm with new kernels.  There are too many patches floating
around.  And the latest file date is about march-2000...  It seemed
to be that folks has have only one target -- to include lvm into
kernel.  To set up a dots under i's.  And that was a final plan.
Again, when IBM comes with their ideas (not to say here good or
bad -- it is a different story), people here just said something
like "we already have all that we want, so go out"... (discussion
was long and interesting, but primary authors was not involved

What's happening?  I'm really worried, as this is a very
useful thing.  And I call here -- should someone become a
new maintainer of the whole thing ? :(((  As current
maintainer as it seemed to be just did all that he want

I'm sorry, I'm really very sorry for this all if I'm wrong.
This is just my impression, nothing more.  And I apologize,
really, if I'm wrong.

But -- who can demonstrate that I'm wrong ??? :(((((((((


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