[linux-lvm] using previously created lvm

Martin K. Petersen mkp at linuxcare.com
Mon Oct 23 13:03:10 UTC 2000

>>>>> "Luca" == Luca Berra <bluca at comedia.it> writes:

>> Actually, I implemented HFS support in Linux ufs when we started
>> the PA-RISC port.  It's been included in the 2.[34] kernels for
>> quite a while now...

Luca> Another well hidden secret :( it is not documented anywhere
Luca> except in /usr/src/linux/fs/ufs/super.c, besides as of
Luca> 2.4.0-test8 it seems read-only.

Yes, it's read-only -- I only cared about being able to read a Linux
kernel off an HP/UX partition.

Feel free to hack on it...

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