[linux-lvm] swap lv

Mark Phillips mark at ist.flinders.edu.au
Tue Oct 24 13:10:17 UTC 2000

Holger Rauch [Holger.Rauch at heitec.de] wrote:

> Is it possible to have only one swap partition that resides on an LV? If
> so, how can this be achieved? Are swap LVs resizable?

I'm not quite sure what you mean by your first question.  But yes, you
can have a single lv which acts as a swap partition.  You need to
create the partition.  Then use mkswap on it, and then mount it as
swap.  For example, I have the line:

/dev/main_vg/swap_lv    none   swap    sw     0   0

in my /etc/fstab file.

As for resizing a swap partition.  What I would do is as follows.
First unmount your swap partition so that you are not using it
anymore.  Then delete the partition.  Then create it again, making it
a different size.  Then run mkswap again and mount it again.

(Not that I have actually tried this myself, but I don't see why it
wouldn't work.)



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