[linux-lvm] Size limits and kernel versions

Patrick Swartz pswartz at digitalrom.com
Thu Oct 26 19:04:39 UTC 2000

I am just getting start with LVM and have a few questions.  First let me
describe my situation. I have 2 RH7.0 servers each with an ICP-Vortex RAID
controller that is attached to a chassis with 11 50GB drives in a raid5 +
hot spare.  This gives me about 450GB of usable data space.  I would like to
combine these controllers in a single server and use LVM to create one large
logical volume.

Is this possible?

Will I loose the data that is on both? just one?

If so, what kernel patch do I use for RedHat 7.0?

Or, should I install the latest kernel (2.4.0-test9)?

If that is the case what do I need to do to get the user tools to compile?

I have spent most of the day reading the archives and how-to's, but have not
been able to answer these questions.  If I have missed something I

Thank you for your help,

Patrick Swartz
pswartz at digitalrom.com

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