[linux-lvm] Re: LVM snapshotting broken?

Christoph Hellwig hch at caldera.de
Thu Oct 26 23:53:08 UTC 2000

On Thu, Oct 26, 2000 at 11:37:07PM +0000, Heinz J. Mauelshagen wrote:
> Hi Rik,
> I can't reproduce it on my box.
> Could you provide a "lvcreate -d" output of what you did to help
> me to dig into that one.
> Did somebody else out there face the same 0.8final snapshot weirdness?

Yes. I have the same problem Rik has. A debug printf just before the
ioctl in lv_create_remove gives the right ->lv_snapshot_minor.
A debug printk in lvm_do_lv_create just at the beginning has
->lv_snapshot_minor _always_ = 0.
This happens with the 0.8final utils, both with and without additional
patches. Andrea's lvm-tools-aa-20000119 are ok.

Look like a structure mis-match to me, although lv_v2_t is the same for
all tools.


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