[linux-lvm] Mandrake 8.1 and LVM

Wolfgang Weisselberg weissel at netcologne.de
Sat Dec 1 10:30:02 UTC 2001

Hi, Theo!

Theo Van Dinter (felicity at kluge.net) wrote 60 lines:

> My rule of thumb for disk layout on a server is:
> 	/boot	- Small, usually 32-128MB, don't run out of space here.

You can also do a combined / and /boot.  Give it enough space
and move everything where non-related changes happen away
from it.  (128 to 256 MB should outlast your HD.)  Non-LVM.

> 	/	- I put /usr in here since there's no reason not to any

Personally I feel /usr really wants a separate partition.
You also may want partitions for /usr/src (if you have lots of
compiling/source code for the whole machine), and /usr/local
(if you use more than a few programs which are not on your
distribution).  Sub-partitions are possible, depending on usage.
Long live LVM.

> 	/var	- As someone's already stated, filling up /var can be a DoS.

If you have a news spool, put it on a separate partition --
it's just too different from size and lifetime compared to
/var.  Unless you have a non-file/hardlink-based news system.
And then still move it out of the way.

If you have a WWW cache, that one might want a separate
partition as well -- and usually there's no need to backup
that cache.

> 	/tmp	- Yet another possible DoS, don't allow user-writable areas
> 		  to live on /.  128-512M should be sufficient, it's
> 		  temporary space after all.

More -- especially with quotas.  Sometimes people have to
download CD-Rom Images (e.g. .iso) and might be unable to put
them into /home.

Speaking of it -- /home probably wants a partition, too; and
regular backups.


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