[linux-lvm] LVM/RAID or viceversa?

DoudOUKE doudouke at club-internet.fr
Fri Dec 7 03:48:02 UTC 2001

I made LVM on a RAID 1 device and it work perfectly :)
But I don't know howto restore data if one of my disk crash.

On Fri, 7 Dec 2001 09:31:18 +0100
"Hansen,Ole OHA" <oha at kmd.dk> wrote:

> Hi,
> You can actually do it both ways; LVM on RAID and RAID with LVM :) The
> problem with the latter is LVM for Linux does not yet support anything else
> than striping. I have an installation running LVM on top of a mirrored md -
> the Linux software raid; it works like a charm! :) 
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> Ole Hansen
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> Subject: [linux-lvm] LVM/RAID or viceversa?
> Hallo, 
> I catched you on the ml, discussing on lvm and raid,so please explain me the
> difference between raid on top of lvm and lvm on top of raid. Is it first
> setting up the disk using raid tools and then configuring the lvm (lvm on
> top of raid) or first setting up the drives using lvm and then setting up
> the raid (raid on top of lvm) wich makes actually no sense to me because of
> confusing the layers and making managemnet quite difficult. Am I wrong ?
> Thanks, Peter
> "a nice little guy from italy"
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